iCareFiles Guide:
How to Manage Multiple Clouds

iCareFiles enables you to manage multiple clouds simultaneously in one place. This guide walks you through how to manage your multiple cloud storage services.

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1. Upload Files

  • In the left panel of the main page, click Management under My Cloud Drives. All the cloud drives you have added are displayed and you can see how much storage out of the total size has actually been used.
  • Select a certain cloud drive to jump to the management page.

    click a certain cloud drive
  • To upload files from computer to your cloud drive, you can first choose a certain folder, then click the "upload icon"icon and select the files (photos, videos and other documents) you'd like to add from the computer.

    select files from computer
  • Within a few minutes, you can see all the selected files have been uploaded successfully.

    upload files successfully
  • Note: If there are no files or folders in the main directory, you can click the "new-folder icon" icon to create a new folder on the cloud drive, and then follow the above-mentioned steps to upload files.

    creat a new folder

2. Download Cloud Files

  • To download files in your cloud drives, you can first select a certain cloud drive. Then click the specific folder where your desired files store.

    click a specific folder
  • Once selected, click the "download icon"icon and you can check the downloaded file in your Downloads folder.

    click the download icon

    Note: You can download one file only at a time.

3. Rename Cloud Files

iCareFile also allows you to remame files and folders in your cloud drives.

  • To rename cloud files or folders, you can first select the specific file or folder needs to be renamed.

    select the folder needs to be renamed
  • Then click the "rename icon"icon to change the original file or folder name.

    rename the file folder

4. Delete Cloud Files

iCareFiles supports deleting the entire folders and files in your cloud drives.

  • To delete your multiple cloud files or folders, select the certain file or folders that you'd like to delete first.

    select files to be deleted
  • Click the "delete icon"icon. On the pop-up confirmation window, click "CONFIRM".

    confirm the deletion