iCareFiles Guide:
How to Transfer Data Between Clouds

Tenorshare iCareFiles allows you to transfer files between cloud drives including Google Drive, Google Photos and Dropbox. Check this detailed guide and learn how to transfer your multiple cloud files.

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Step 1: Select Source Files

Click Transfer in the upper-left corner of the main page. Under Source Cloud Drive, you can either choose entire folders to transfer all the files in the cloud, or just select individual desired items under a directory.

cloud tranfer-step 1

Step 2: Choose a Target Folder

Under Target Cloud Drive, choose the target folder where your previously selected files will be migrated to.

Note: If you tick the selection box in front of a target cloud drive, the previously selected files will be transferred to the main directory. If you want to transfer the desired files to a specific folder, just click the corresponding cloud name.

cloud tranfer-step 2

Step 3: Click "MIGRATE" to Start the Transmission

After the target folder is selected, click MIGRATE to begin the file transmission. In the pop-up confirmation window, click OK to continue.

cloud tranfer-step 3

Step 4: View the Transmission Process

The transferring speed depends on the file size. You can check the progress of the transfer by clicking Task process at the top-left corner of the page.

cloud tranfer-step 4

Once all selected source files are migrated to the target folder successfully, you can view them on the completed task list.

cloud transfer step-4

You can also navigate to the target folder to see if all the desired source files have been stored.

transfer files successfully