iCareFiles User Guide

iCareFiles is an online multicloud management platform that connects multiple cloud services together. Follow this guide to learn how to use iCareFiles.

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To transfer files between cloud drives and manage multiple cloud storage simultaneously in Tenorhsare iCareFiles, you first need to register for an iCareFiles account. Once the account is created and you are logged in, you can add and remove your cloud drive accounts in the platform. Below are steps you can follow.

1. Create and Manage Your iCareFiles Account

  • Click HERE to access iCareFiles, choose "Create one" under the "Log in" button and then enter your email address and password to create an iCareFiles account.

    click create an account
  • Click "Create Account" to proceed.

    create an icarefiles account
  • With the account created, you are automatically logged on, and you can now manage your account by clicking your username in the top right corner. Next time you can just click "Log in" to manage your iCareFiles account.

  • Clicking your username will bring up a small menu screen to allow you to view the used traffic of your account, purchase services or upgrade to premium membership to get more features available, and log out. You can also submit your feedback here.

    icarefiles account settings
  • When you purchase Premium capacity, you can view the VIP expiration time under Used Traffic.

    view the VIP expiration time of icarefiles account

Tips: If you forget your account password, you can click Forget your password in the login interface to set a new password.

click forget your password

Enter your email address and click the "Send code" button. A verification code will be sent to your email address. Please check the email, then enter the verification code and tap "VERIFY MAILBOX".

retrieve password

Enter a new password and click the "CONFIRM" button, then you will be automatically logged on with the new password.

reset your password

2. Add and Delete Cloud Drives

Once you're signed in, you can now add your cloud drives in iCareFiles. iCareFiles currently supports 3 cloud services, namely Google Drive, Google Photo, and DropBox. Following are details about adding these three clouds.

To add a Google Drive account, you can

  • Select Google Drive from the main interface, then you will see the sign in interface. Please enter your email address and click Next to enter your password. Click Next to continue.

    sign in with google drive account enter google drive password
  • Then you will see another page as shown below, click Continue to allow iCareFiles to connect to Google Drive. iCareFiles will be enabled to see, edit, create and delete all of your Google Drive files.

    allow iCareFiles to connect to Google Drive
  • A few seconds later, you will see that your Google Drive has been added to iCareFile.

    google drive has been added

If you still want to add another cloud drive, for example, DropBox, you can:

  • Click the "Add cloud drive" on the right panel first and then select DropBox.

    add cloud drive select-dropbox
  • Then you will see another page as shown below, click Continue to allow iCareFiles to connect to your DropBox Google Drive.

    allow icarefiles to connect to dropbox
  • On the next page, click allow to agree icarefiles to view and edit your dropbox files.

    allow icarefiles to view and edit dropbox files
  • Now it is finished adding your DropBox to iCareFiles.

    dropbox has been added to icarefiles

If you want to remove your cloud drives from iCareFiles

  • you can click Management and then tap the "delete icon"icon.

    remove cloud drive from icarefiles
  • Click CONFIRM to delete the cloud drive that you want to remove.

    confirm to remove cloud drive
  • On the next pop-up window, click OK.

    tap ok to remove cloud drive
  • Now you can see the unwanted cloud drive has been removed successfully.

    cloud drive has been removed from icarefiles